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Betagrande has four pillars that the quality and safety of our products rest on. These pillars are:

1. The field. We own a wide expanse of land with sandy, drained and leveled soil. Our growing processes are completely sustainable. We rotate crops and incorporate certified organic material yearly.

2. Staff In each department we have staff that is highly qualified for its duties. These cover developing, handling, packing and preparing merchandise according to customer needs.

3. Warehouse Betagrande has a handling facility in the fields so that the product will retain its freshness during the entire process until it is shipped.

We have three washing and calibrating lines (potatoes, leeks and carrots) as well as a process of hydrocooling and cold storage to preserve the product in optimum condition without losing the cold chain.

4. Machinery Because it is the main policy at Betagrande, we check the entire development of our products from pre-sewing tasks to the harvest and post-harvesting. That is why we have our own specialized machinery for each crop which is completely self-sufficient and competitive when it comes to technology.


Our best crop

Because quality is our best crop, Betagrande S.L. complies with the GLOBALGAP protocol for all its products

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It has taken great effort to get where they are today: one of the main private produce growers in the vegetable sector. Especially leaf crops.

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