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1. Salads

Lollo Rosso/Biondo lettuce

Pack Choi

Red/Green Salanova

Smooth Escarole

Curly Escarole

Red/Green Oakleaf Lettuce

Romaine/Mini-romaine Lettuce

2. Other Vegetables

Early Potato (April to June)

Different varieties according to customer needs. Washed and calibrated, packaged according to customer needs.

Industry Leek (January to June)

This is a leek that is less commercial in appearance, ideal for trays or transformation.

Leafy Leek (January to June)

This is a hybrid leak of extraordinary quality, perfect for being sold fresh, displayed clean, calibrated and packaged in boxes according to customer needs.

Celery (January to April)

Excellent quality product, displayed in wooden crates according to customer needs.

Carrot Bunches (November to May)

Permanent quality and perfect presentation.

Kohlrabi (November to April)

One of our top products with extraordinary quality. Presentation according to customer needs.


Our best crop

Because quality is our best crop, Betagrande S.L. complies with the GLOBALGAP protocol for all its products

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It has taken great effort to get where they are today: one of the main private produce growers in the vegetable sector. Especially leaf crops.

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